Lab Strand Pelletizers
Plastics processors, compounders, and recyclers worldwide count on Berlyn ECM Pelletizers because of our:
  • Rugged chrome plated steel construction
  • Efficient, heavy-duty gear drive system
  • Meticulous attention to detail in designing everything from the pull roll system to the rotors and bed knives
  • Easy access to cutting chamber for cleaning
  • Replaceable knife blades
  • Availability of top feed rolls in various durometers and materials
  • Heavy-duty support stand constructed of angle iron steel
Every facet of our lab strand pelletizers is engineered to enhance the safety, efficiency and profitability of your plastics processing operation. It is designed for use in both laboratory and production environments and can be manufactured to fit any application through a wide variety of options.

For an economical and compact unit, the Berlyn ECM Pell-Processor system is designed to include a combination of our lab strand pelletizer, our air stripper mounted to a common support, and our water bath.