Vertical Screw Feed Systems
The unique design of a vertical screw feeder from Berlyn ECM ensures ease of operation, as well as the most efficient manner of material transfer.

The use of two independently driven screws, one acting as a pre-compactor, decreases the likelihood of materials bridging and blocking, while the feed screw delivers material to the extruder screw. In fact, these Vertical Screw Feeders, or "crammers," are designed specifically for a variety of low bulk density materials. These feeder-crammers are particularly well-suited for transferring reprocessed foam or film material to the extruder screw.

Available in sizes up to 6", these vertical screw feed systems allow you to change the direction and speed of the pre-compactor, independent of the feed screw. You can also change the placement of the pre-compactor paddles, providing a greater flexibility in your processing capabilities.