Water Baths
Although often overlooked, water baths can make thousands of dollars of difference in any plastics extrusion operation.

Berlyn ECM has mastered the detailed technology that go into the design and construction of water baths, giving our customers an edge in their extrusion business.

Our exacting attention to detail means our water baths provide uninterrupted cooling (which equals uninterrupted profits) by giving our customers nearly full  control over every phase of the process.

Berlyn ECM Standard Water Baths are designed to fit many process requirements but can also be custom engineered to fit specific applications and facility dimensional needs.

Our water bath features include:
  • Constructed of heavy gauge Type 304 stainless steel
  • Rugged carbon steel as well as stainless steel supports with casters
  • Vertical and lateral adjustment
  • Automated control of water temperature and flow
  • Water turbulence control
  • Adjustable, rotating, and non-rotating guide bars for precise control of strands